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Probably the most frustrating feeling in the world is working incredibly long stressful hours, living hand to mouth with your cash flow and not getting the income you deserve out of your practice. You didn’t enter the profession to be a glorified bean counter – you became an accountant to help your clients achieve their business and personal goals.

Knowing you have so much to offer clients, but rarely getting the chance to show it, because you can’t rely on your team. So you are stuck doing the boring day-to-day compliance stuff for clients. What happened to your dream of being a trusted advisor to your clients and being an integral part of your clients’ success?


Too many accountancy firm owners hit an income ceiling and find that they have traded their corporate job for just another job. It’s just that this job comes with much longer hours and higher stress levels and no guarantee of a pay cheque at the end of the month.  In fact, to add insult to injury many accountancy owners find that they are one of the lowest paid people in their practice.

They get stuck in “fire-fighting”, and “working exceptionally hard” mode … treading water and frustrated at why they struggle to get a decent income out of their practice. That’s when they call Heather.

Since 2011, Heather has been the go-to expert for accountancy firm owners who want more high fee paying clients, less stress, fewer working hours, financial freedom and a team who they can rely upon. Heather works with accountancy firm owners who understand that becoming a “Million Pound Practice” is a viable option and not a pipe dream.

Her easy to implement signature systems will help you sign up high fee paying clients, build sustainable advisory revenue streams, eliminate your low performing staff and build a strong team of high performers, and replace your processes and systems with tried and tested highly efficient workflows for cloud based practices.

She’s on a mission to eliminate low fee paying clients, poor performing staff members, long working hours, “traditional but outdated ways of delivering accountancy services” from small accountancy practices … and replace it with cloud based, real-time accounting services and controlled, predictable and profitable growth.

Before I started working with Heather I was running very low on cash, working incredibly long hours and struggling to get my team to do what I wanted. Our stream of client referrals was dwindling and I was stuck.

As a result of working with Heather for a year, we, for the first time ever, managed to successfully implement a fee increase for all our clients. Our monthly package fees have increased by 60%. Fees for our advisory work, the stuff I love doing, have increased by 47% and we are actively disengaging from the low fee clients which couldn’t or wouldn’t move onto the cloud and monthly direct debit payments. Our cash flow has radically increased and WIP reduced to virtually zero.

Best of all, we now get to work on the stuff we really want to work on with clients without getting bogged down with work by low fee paying and often highly needy clients.

Heather has also held our hand to get the right team in place, and automate more processes. As a result our gross profit has increased by 28% and our net profit by 119%, and reduced our direct wage costs by 10%. 

We are on track to profitably grow the firm by nearly 30% this year as a result of putting in place a firm foundation for growth with Heather’s help.

Sharon Pocock

Owner, Kinder Pocock

Learn How To Build A Million Pound Practice

You’ll Learn:

How to build an automated ‘real-time accounting’ cloud practice with a net profit margin of 40+%
How to easily & consistently attract in high fee paying clients who want more than compliance services.
How to reduce your working hours and stress levels & enjoy running your practice again.
How to sell, price and deliver premium priced advisory services which your clients want to buy.
How to build a high performing team and ditch your low performing staff members.
How to successfully implement a fee increase and get clients onto monthly payments by direct debit.
How to get the whole firm pulling together to execute your strategy to grow your firm.
From other successful practitioners and not have to reinvent the wheel in your practice.

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