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Find out more about what exactly is included in your club membership.

Fortnightly group coaching and accountability calls

Every fortnight you are invited to a virtual group coaching and accountability call. In this 45-minute call you will have a chance to get help on your issues from other club members, as well as get accountability for your planned actions for the next two weeks.

Physical events

In 2019 all members have been invited to join the following workshops (members get a free ticket to these workshops):

  • Pricing with confidence (April 2019)
  • The (almost) effortless way to win £3k+ clients (June 2019)
  • How to have the best Jan ever (Sept 2019)
  • How to sell premium priced services  (Oct 2019)
  • How to improve your practice efficiency (Sept 2019)

In 2020 all members will be invited to join 6-10 1-day workshops in the UK (members get a free ticket to these workshops). 

In addition in 2020 we will run 3 member days throughout the year where Boost and Grow members will get to meet and mastermind together to help solve each other’s growth problems. These member days will be free to attend for Boost and Grow members. 

Private Facebook Group

The club has a lively and supportive Facebook groups were members check in with each other and get help on any immediate queries they may have.

Access to over 200+ resources in the club membership library

Members get access to all the resources in the club membership site. The membership site grows by at least 3+ resources each month. In fact, new resources are normally built in response to member requests. Included within the membership library are new business scripts, process maps, marketing plans, recordings, role descriptions, tip sheets… and much, much more. Here is a full list of resources in the membership library. 

Mini training programmes

Every 3-4 months the club puts on a mini-training programme for members and/or their staff. Typically the training programmes are 3-4 months in length and involve virtual masterclasses, group coaching calls and self-study. The mini-training programmes planned for the next 12 months include:

  • Win £3k+ clients every time (May 2019)
  • Team Leader programme (Sept 2019)

From Sept 2019 these mini training programmes are accredited for CPD purposes. 

Live Surgery Sessions

In the monthly live surgery sessions you have the opportunity to quiz an advisory board member (or ordinary member who has done something well!) on some aspect of growing an accountancy practice which they have done well. Surgery sessions have included the following so far:

  • How to do a fee increase
  • How to grow a high performing team from scratch
  • How to generate more referrals

Have a look at our Events page to see the live and recorded masterclass sessions we are running this year.

Monthly member spotlight

In the monthly member spotlight session you will be able to listen in (and ask questions) whilst a club member works on a specific issue they have. For example this could be:

  • How to build a recruitment strategy for your firm
  • How to automate your practice
  • Pricing and pricing strategies

Have a look at our Events page to see the live and recorded masterclass sessions we are running this year.

Exclusive offers and discounts from software and other suppliers to the accountancy industry

Members get access to a range of discounts with 3rd party suppliers. We are adding more and more discounts over time. At the moment, members get the following discounts:

  • 15% off a website build from PracticeWeb
  • 10% off the first 12 months for new Practice Ignition users
  • 10% off the first 12 months for new Senta users
  • 50% off the first 4 months as a new Chaser partner
  • £400 credit to be spent with Global Infosys
  • New partners to Futrli get 25% off for 6 months (£300 discount)
  • New and current partners to Futrli get 2 x Free Certifications
Boost members only: 1:2:1 coaching

Boost members receive an hour of 1:2:1 coaching a month from one of the club’s experts.

Optional: Quarterly Board Meetings

All members have the option of attending an in-person quarterly board meeting where they can:

  • Discuss and get input on their plans for the next quarter
  • Get accountability and learn from their fellow board members
  • Bring their current issues to the table to help resolve

The cost of this option is £300 + VAT per month

Before I joined the club it was fair to say I was out of control. I was working crazy hours and trying to do everything myself. I was lacking direction and also not spending enough time with my young family. 

After 3 months as a club member I have more than paid for my club membership. Through learning from others and how they did things I have won 6 new clients, worth in total £30k of annual recurring fees. I couldn’t have done this without the club and its resources. I used the club’s proposal template, webinar on pricing, and confidence from listening to other club members to quote what I was really worth. In fact, now when I talk about pricing, my clients tend to always opt for my two highest priced packages rather than the lowest priced package.   

As well as the resources in the club I have taken full advantage of the membership benefits such as the 10% discount off my first 12 months fees from Practice ignition. 

My time is now far more under control and my practice is growing steadily but surely. The club is great at building me resources or tools I need to help me achieve my practice goals. Be it ‘best practice process maps’ or ‘scripts for my team to use with new client enquiries’, Heather and her team are always looking after us. I get a confidence boost every time I speak to Heather and the team and reassurance that I can do this.

I’m also enjoying running my practice, now I am not having to do everything and all things to all people. 

Stacey Foster

Founder, Foster's Accountants

I have received so far so much support and training, it has literally cut my roll out time in half. I would absolutely recommend joining if you have any aspirations of growing your accountancy business as you will in the long term save yourself time and money.
Lorna Leonard

Owner, Leonard Business Services

I met Heather when I won Best New Practice at the British Accountancy Awards in 2016 and didn’t think that she could help me, I now know that was wrong!

My practice growth last year was excellent but my systems were poor and I had exceeded capacity, and I could see where I needed to take the business. I Just needed the clarity to work out the next steps to take my practice to the next step. We are no longer a start up practice and couldn't afford to live like we were a start up practice. This meant needing to put in stricter workflows and processes as well as building a strong team. 

I wish I had listened to Heather in 2016. After just one call, I started to get the clarity - and reassurance that I was doing a lot right. A very unexpected benefit was that within a month of being in the club I had saved over £10,500 by changing software suppliers and the impact of quoting and billing new clients at the right level.

Being a member of the club is far more than just a coaching relationship. I am dipping into the club's huge library of resources from time to time, as well as coming on the fortnightly group accountability calls.

When you are busy helping other business to grow you tend to overlook your own business, so with the accountability from the group accountability calls I am held to task and can really see me doing what is necessary to grow my practice.  I'm also learning from other members and how they are overcoming their problems. The coaching calls and group accountability calls are giving me much needed time for reflection, and will lead to far more time on the golf course to attend to my deteriorating handicap which is about to move from 20 to 21.

Paul Donno

Founder, 1accounts