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Who are the club members?

Members of the club all share one purpose, to profitably scale up their practice so that it annually turns over £1 million with a net profit margin of 40%+.

Club members are committed to growing their firm and realise this is not a “get rich quick scheme”. Members know that scaling their practice will take time and effort, and at times will take them out of their comfort zone.

Our members tend to fall into three camps, firstly ambitious owners of £80k-£2.3m turnover firms who want to grow profitably. (Yes, you did read that right, 14% of our members have firms which are turning over in excess of £1m)

Then we have over 20% of our members who are their firm’s “succession plan”. They have joined the club to take over from the present owner of the firm, who wants to hand over their firm to someone who is ready and able to lead and manage the practice.

And finally we have firms who are doing well but want to increase their average client fee and the sustainability of their firm by adding in advisory revenue into their firm.

Before working with Heather Townsend I was hyper stressed and working silly hours. I was struggling to pay the wages, fire fighting all the time and very much living hand to mouth.

After 2 years of working with Heather the size of my practice tripled, WIP was reduced by 80%, our profit leaks were eradicated, new profitable income streams were added, cash reserves were increased to two months of money in the bank, and I finally felt in control.

With Heather’s help I was able to change my dysfunctional team to a team with a strong team ethos and positive “can do” attitude. So much so that I was able to run my practice remotely from france for six months. Jessica Pillow FCA CTA

Owner, Pillow May

Club membership levels

Club membership is for a minimum of 6 months. Join our free email list to get tips on how to grow and scale your firm, as well as early notification about free webinars and special offers for list members.

Before I started working with Heather I had what I would describe as a magpie tendency in that I went from one new idea to another without implementing any of them properly.

Working with Heather has curbed me of this and as a result I have  added over £100k of recurring fees to my portfolio, stopped the profit drain and quadrupled or more my net profit.

After 20 years of running a practice I’ve never been more energised or focused  (and confident) to grow a million pound practice. It is in sight now and I know that I will get there within 5 years with Heather’s support and guidance. Paul Miller

Owner, Cornish Accountants


When did the club launch?
The club launched in early February 2018 with the first club member events happening from April 1st 2018.


Join our email list to get notified about free AMC webinars and special offers.

How is this different to other mastermind/membership clubs for accountants?
The Accountants Millionaires’ Club isn’t a mastermind-type of group. You know the sort… where you pay £400-£1200 a month to meet monthly or quarterly to learn from your peers and be held accountable to your actions.


This is a community and set of resources where you:

  • Get to learn from the real experts. The people who have been there and done it.
  • Will be given practical help to implement everything you learn. This isn’t a club where you need to pay more to access all the best resources. Nor is it a club where you will be bamboozled by jargon or complexity. After all, our club founder, is well known for breaking down the complex stuff into easy to digest and implement bite size stuff.
  • Get access to plug and play resources to stop you having to reinvent the wheel in your practice, e.g. sets of role descriptions, Xero training manuals (the Xero training manuals alone are worth £000s).
  • Get access to monthly training sessions for your staff as well as you
  • Are held accountable on a fortnightly basis to your peers
  • Are learning from your accountancy peers who are all focused on the same thing as you, i.e. scaling your practice. And so, will be dealing with exactly the same challenges are you.
  • And… only if you want it… be able to join an exclusive quarterly mastermind group.

Join our email list to get notified about free AMC webinars and to get to test drive the club’s resources.

Why do I need to commit to at least 6 months of membership
We only want accountancy firm owners who are truly committed to growing their practice. This is why there is a minimum membership.

In addition, many of the downloadable resources, such as the Xero training manuals, would cost you £1000s to buy separately.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we use Stripe as our payment processor.
Is this only for accountants?
Yes, this is purely for accountants who want to scale up their practice so it generates 40%+ net profit and hits the magic 7 figure mark, i.e. turns over more than £1 million pounds a year.