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In conjunction with the ACCA 

You are invited to an interactive one-day workshop where you will work to put your growth plan in place for 2019.

Venue: BPP, 32-34 Colmore Circus Queensway, City Centre, Birmingham B4 6BN

Cost = £90 + VAT


come along to our workshop and get serious about growing your accountancy practice

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Leave energised and motivated to grow your practice armed with your top 3 priorities and 3 immediate next steps to unlock the growth of your practice
  • Have tangible but realistic action points in order to release your time to work on the business
  • Know exactly how to get your team to engage with your growth plans – and work the way you want them to – regardless of how resistant to change they may be
  • Benchmarked your firm and have easy-to-implement action points in place to increase your cash flow and profitability, so you can reduce your stress levels and increase your income from the practice
  • A tactical marketing plan which is realistic and achievable to enable you to win bigger and better clients and reach your new business targets, without needing to attend a BNI type of networking group.


Agenda For The 1-Day Workshop


  • Introductions
  • What’s my driver to grow my firm?
  • Benchmarking: How does my firm measure up?
  • Growth planning: What stage of growth am I at?
  • How to release my time to work ON the business
  • Lunch (included in your ticket price)


  • How to increase your cash flow
  • Improving your practice efficiency: getting value for money from your systems
  • Improving your practice efficiency: Getting your team to work for you rather than you working for your team
  • How to win more of the right type of clients
  • Panel question and answer session with club members: What I learnt as I grew my firm

I met Heather when I won Best New Practice at the British Accountancy Awards in 2016 and didn’t think that she could help me, I now know that was wrong!

My practice growth last year was excellent but my systems were poor and I had exceeded capacity, and I could see where I needed to take the business. I Just needed the clarity to work out the next steps to take my practice to the next step. We are no longer a start up practice and couldn't afford to live like we were a start up practice. This meant needing to put in stricter workflows and processes as well as building a strong team. 

I wish I had listened to Heather in 2016. After just one call, I started to get the clarity - and reassurance that I was doing a lot right. A very unexpected benefit was that within a month of being in the club I had saved over £10,500 by changing software suppliers and the impact of quoting and billing new clients at the right level.

Being a member of the club is far more than just a coaching relationship. I am dipping into the club's huge library of resources from time to time, as well as coming on the fortnightly group accountability calls.

When you are busy helping other business to grow you tend to overlook your own business, so with the accountability from the group accountability calls I am held to task and can really see me doing what is necessary to grow my practice.  I'm also learning from other members and how they are overcoming their problems. The coaching calls and group accountability calls are giving me much needed time for reflection, and will lead to far more time on the golf course to attend to my deteriorating handicap which is about to move from 20 to 21.

Paul Donno

Founder, 1accounts

Before I joined the club it was fair to say I was out of control. I was working crazy hours and trying to do everything myself. I was lacking direction and also not spending enough time with my young family. 

After 3 months as a club member I have more than paid for my club membership. Through learning from others and how they did things I have won 6 new clients, worth in total £30k of annual recurring fees. I couldn’t have done this without the club and its resources. I used the club’s proposal template, webinar on pricing, and confidence from listening to other club members to quote what I was really worth. In fact, now when I talk about pricing, my clients tend to always opt for my two highest priced packages rather than the lowest priced package.   

As well as the resources in the club I have taken full advantage of the membership benefits such as the 10% discount off my first 12 months fees from Practice ignition. 

My time is now far more under control and my practice is growing steadily but surely. The club is great at building me resources or tools I need to help me achieve my practice goals. Be it ‘best practice process maps’ or ‘scripts for my team to use with new client enquiries’, Heather and her team are always looking after us. I get a confidence boost every time I speak to Heather and the team and reassurance that I can do this.

I’m also enjoying running my practice, now I am not having to do everything and all things to all people. 

Stacey Foster

Founder, Foster's Accountants


I've known Heather for 6 years, and nearly managed to sign up to work with her and her team at several points over those 6 years. 

All it took was our Growth Accelerator call and suddenly I had the motivation and accountability to make things happen in my practice.
Prompted by our discussion in the Growth Accelerator Call, within 24 hours, I had identified and implemented enough cost savings to be able to fund the entire cost of Grow membership. 
If you are reading this and having some doubts about whether to take the plunge and join the club, don't be like me and wait. I'm actually kicking myself now that I didn't take the leap 12 months ago to come on board with the Accountants Millionaires' Club. My bank balance and happiness with my practice would now be SO much healthier if I had taken action 12 months ago. 
Bob Evans

Owner, React Accountancy



Heather Townsend

Heather Townsend: Founder and author of The Accountants Millionaires' Club

Heather is the award-winning and best-selling author of 5 books, including The Go-To Expert and The Accountants Millionaires' Club. She regularly features in the top 10 lists of influencers for the accountancy profession.

Ashley Leeds


Ashley Leeds: Senior Account Manager at The Accountants Millionaires’ Club

Ashley has spend the last decade working for software vendors helping accountants grow an efficient and effective practice. Not only is he an expert on systems/technology for accountants, he’s also passionate about client service excellence and business development in general. Ashley works with club members, both on a group and 1:2:1 basis to help them grow their practice. He has previously worked with Digita and Intuit.