Onboard your clients with minimum

fuss and maximum efficiency

First impressions count and a great client onboarding process creates loyal clients who recommend you time and time again.

If you get a good client onboarding process in place, your clients will feel confident they made the right choice for you to be their accountant.

Check out our articles and free downloadable resources on what makes a good client onboarding process, what mistakes to avoid, who in your team should be involved in client onboarding and how client onboarding can help with your business development


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Avoid these 3 mistakes made when onboarding your new accountancy firm clients

Mistake #1: Lack of setting expectations A big mistake made in many accountancy client onboarding processes is not setting the client’s expectations early enough. Clients want to know and need to know what your firm will do and what the client will need to do, as well as a timeline for when changes will occur. Otherwise…
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4 essential tools when automating your firm’s onboarding process – they are so simple, your kids could do it!

  Best practices for automating your firm’s onboarding process 1. Practice Ignition This software for client engagement, proposals, and payments is the most versatile tool for automating your firm’s onboarding process. Why? Because as soon as your new client signs their online proposal document, the next six steps automatically take place: Your client signs their…
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Extraordinary client service

How to onboard new clients so they go “OMG!!”

  Two meals in one day OK, so I’m meant to be on a diet and creating good eating habits. But over the bank holiday I ended up going out for two nice meals in one day. The first restaurant had a lovely menu, was very pretty and in we walked. The staff were nice,…
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Extraordinary client service

Your new client onboarding process: What needs to be in it?

  Why is new client on boarding process so important to get right? Any new client is using their first few interactions with you as a gauge of whether they made the right choice in transferring their business to you. Get the onboarding right and it sets the tone of your relationship for the rest…
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