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AMC Events for 2020

Get a taste of the AMC and grow your accountancy practice with our webinars and workshops
Tuesday 4th February 2020 at 9.30am


WEBINAR –  How to grow a one million pound firm while working fewer hours with less stress

Sign up now and give yourself an hour in early February to start planning the year ahead.   Join Heather Townsend & Ashley Leeds and find out:

1) The non-negotiable first step to growing your practice. Hint: it’s not putting together a Growth Vision or a Growth Plan
2) The one small change your need to make to get your staff engaged and hungry to help you grow your practice
3) How to create a rock solid foundation in order to be able to radically scale your practice to one million pounds
4) How to quickly increase your firm’s cash reserves in order to be able to pay yourself a decent income and fund the growth of your practice


Thursday 20th February 2020 at 10.00am


WEBINAR –  How to find an extra 8 hours a week to work on building your accountancy practice

Sign up now to learn how to make the time to grow your practice this year.   Join Heather Townsend & Ashley Leeds and find out:

1) How to use the red/black/blue model to claw back time to work ON your practice.
2) The three mindset shifts you will need to make if you are going to reduce the demands on you from your staff and clients.
3) Tips and techniques to be ultra productive and work at peak level.
4) Three things you must do to minimise interruptions from your team and your clients.


Tuesday 25th February 2020 – London Institute of Banking & Finance, 8th Floor, Peninsular House, 36 Monument Street, London EC3R 8LJ

Tuesday 10th March 2020 – Macdonald Manchester Hotel, London Road, Manchester, M1 2PG

WORKSHOP ON How to Build a £1million practice

You need to work smarter and more efficiently, not harder. You need to invest both in yourself but also in your practice.  That means spending some time working on yourself and your practice, not solving client queries.

If 2019 has felt at times that you are just running to stand still, make an early resolution that 2020 will be different – and do something about it.

Kick-start your year at our Workshops. Grow your practice in a way that will work for you.Take some time without interruptions to build a plan for your marketing, work out how to get your team working for you effectively and get your practice growing. It’s not a one-size fits all or “just a lot of theories’ sort of Workshop. Everyone there will be working on their own business!

In fact, as a reward for taking the initiative and getting organised for next year, we are offering our Workshop places at our Earlybird price of £149 plus VAT

Feel great going into your busy season, safe in the knowledge that you are in control and have already carved out time to work on your business.


Email lisa@excedia.co.uk and we’ll let you know when booking opens


Good morning, I was at the One Million Pound Practice Workshop yesterday, organised by The Accountants Millionaires’ Club in conjunction with ACCA on “How to grow a profitable practice” and I was really blown away, not only by the content but the leaders, Heather and Ashley were excellent. There were those just starting their practice and mature practices there, but nobody felt left out, as the presentation and topics were handled in a such a manner that we all gained a lot from them. The resources they provided alone were enough to help us. The cherry on the proverbial cake, was the fact that they had four practitioners who are running profitable firms there and in a panel session shared their experiences with us. Although you shared details of the club with us, there was no pressure sales, which really showed me more about why you are one of my favourites among those trying to help the profession.

Robert Quaye

Probitas Accountancy

From the moment of arriving at the workshop, despite walking into a room of strangers, I was made to feel welcome. Heather and Ashley were fantastic facilitators who made effort to talk to everyone individually and ensured all attending contributed to the session. As well as the excellent content presented by both of them, I personally benefitted from talking to the other attendees – sharing experiences and ideas which will put me in good stead for the growth journey of my own practice. Thanks again, I cannot recommend AMC enough. Adam Bullen

ABCounting Ltd

I paid to go along to the ‘How to Have Your Best January Ever’ workshop, run by Heather Townsend and Ashley Leeds of  The Accountants Millionaires Club. The workshop gave me a chance to hear from Heather about what works and what doesn’t when you are stretched and by acting early we can put things in place to avoid any late-night working in the busy tax season. I loved the hands-on approach, the open discussions and that we were given joint exercises and breakouts to work with other accountants who were also worried about overwork in January – it was a really focussed session.

I found the workshop was a great opportunity to speak to a range of like-minded practice owners, who are all at different stages of the same journey to have a million pound practice. The experience in the room and the advice provided was invaluable to me, I came away with an extensive list of clear action points to implement to improve my practice and myself.

Now that I am back at base I have already started looking at my processes and implementing the action points. The value that Heather and Ashley have added to my practice in one session means I will be joining The Accountants Millionaires Club in the new year.

I am in the early stage of my journey and I hope I get the chance to attend their next workshop about practice efficiency.

If you want to get help and advice, Heather and Ashley know their subject and deliver this within a great format and are friendly and approachable too. Andy Smith

Abbeygate Accountancy

Spent an excellent day with the AMC crowd yesterday: Gaining plenty of practical tips and advice on how to grow further. Part of the series for Practitioners. Highly recommended. Paul Wareham

PS Accountants

Thursday 2nd April 2020

WORKSHOP – the confidence to price & charge what you are really worth

Venue: London

We are thrilled to be hosting this workshop with Practice Ignition

People who attend this workshop will leave with:

  1. Decisions on your pricing and the contents of your packages, including names and what will go in the packages
  2. The confidence to ask for and achieve with minimal push back higher fees
  3. A plan of action to increase your prices for your existing clients
  4. A process and system in order to get your prospects to be hungry for your services and happy to pay the price you quote
  5. Newfound vigour and enthusiasm to increase your bottom line
  6. Knowing how to get reluctant clients to move to monthly billing by direct debit
  7. Knowing how to eliminate price sensitive clients
  8. Knowing how to upsell premium priced services to your clients and get the price you want


Email lisa@excedia.co.uk and we’ll let you know when booking opens


Thursday 7th May 2020

WORKSHOP – How to get your clients to buy into new software

Venue:  London

We are thrilled to be hosting this workshops with Float and Chaser

  • Find out what are the key factors to see whether selling cashflow and credit control services will work for your firm
  • Find out how other firms have monetised and built a sustainable revenue stream of work from selling credit control and cashflow services to their clients
  • How to get sell credit control and cashflow and get your team to deliver this service to your clients
  • Find the best-practice roll out plan, and change it to suit your firm’s circumstances, for how to sell cashflow and credit control services to your clients (in a way that they will be biting your hand off to use and pay for)
  • Build a cast-iron Marketing plan to roll out cashflow and credit control services for your client
  • Discover the critical 3 things you need to do in order to get a large proportion of your clients to show up to an event and buy into your cashflow and credit control services, in order to scale up adoption of your new software quickly
  • How to use events to generate lots of clients for the software (so you can get critical mass and scale)
  • How to price credit control and cashflow in a way that your clients get tons of value, but your firm gets to make more profit than if you were selling your time for money
  • How to use the year end accounts process and VAT returns process to produce a steady stream of clients for credit control and cashflow services