Virtual Workshop 13th May – The £10k Challenge: How to add £10k to your revenue within 90 days

This AMC Workshop is for anyone who has over 15 clients and/or been trading for over 12 months.

A Workshop with a difference, we'll show you step-by-step: how your business can get to the QTR2 finish line with more cash, increased motivation and achieve your 10K target.


Come along and you'll leave with:

1. A concrete and step-by-step plan to generate an extra £10k within 90 days (even if marketing is not your thing or you hate using social media)

2. Proven tried and tested techniques to vanquish Gary-The-Time-Grabber so you can create the time and focus to implement your plan

3. Ideas from our current members on what they did to generate over £10k of new revenue within 6 weeks

4. Immediate steps you can put in place to generate business for your practice without feeling as if you need to become a pushy salesperson

Keep your business on track for a successful 2021 and join us on 5th May

This isn’t like a long webinar! It’s a lively, energetic workshop where you’ll be getting involved (not dozing off!) and we even have virtual “breakout rooms” where you can relate what you've learned straight back to your own practice.


This 2-hour virtual workshop is £99 plus VAT (earlybird).\

The price will increase to £149 + VAT on 3 May 2021

(Join the AMC within 4 weeks of the workshop & we'll happily refund the Workshop price)

AMC Members can attend the Workshop as part of their membership.

PS We're also running this Workshop on 5 May. If that's a better date for you, click here to book.


May 13 2021


10:00 am
Heather Townsend


Heather Townsend

Other Organizers

Ian Hughes
Ian Hughes
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