Virtual Workshop – how to give yourself the best chance of recruiting a GREAT new team member

Donna Barnes, the AMC's accountancy recruitment specialist joins the AMC Team to work through how small accountancy firm owners like you can give yourself the best chance of recruiting a great new team member.

We only have 20 places available and are opening now for booking!

What you will get if you attend the workshop:

  1. Hacks from experienced recruiters that you can use to recruit your next team member without the fear of hiring a dud

  2. How to put together a job advert to properly use the power of big job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn to attract the right candidates for your role

  3. The importance of your talent management plan and what needs to go in it (so you can avoid making a poor quality recruitment decision)

  4. A timeline of ‘must-dos’, to hire in your one in a million candidate who excels and stays within your firm.

  5. What needs to go into your ideal recruitment process.

  6. What you can and can not ask at interview (and yes, you can ask about their child care situation)

  7. What you can expect if you choose a local recruiter to help you fill your vacancy

This isn’t like a long webinar! It’s a lively, energetic workshop where you’ll be getting involved (not dozing off!) and we even have virtual “breakout rooms” where you can relate what you've learned straight back to your own practice.


This 2-hour virtual workshop is £99 plus VAT (earlybird).

The price will increase to £149 + VAT on 7 June 2021.

AMC members can attend this event as part of their membership.

(Join the AMC within 4 weeks of the workshop & we'll happily refund the Workshop price)



Jun 16 2021


10:00 am
Heather Townsend


Heather Townsend

Other Organizers

Ian Hughes
Ian Hughes
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