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Book Resources

All the resources mentioned in the Accountants Millionaires’ Club book…. and a few more. All free to access.
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Welcome to Accountants Millionaires’ Club: Membership Library  

Accountants Millionaires’ Club Workbook

The accompanying workbook for the Accountants Millionaires’ Club book.

Proposal document template

Use this proposal document template to increase conversion rate for your proposals.

Due Diligence Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure that you have left no stone uncovered when doing your due diligence on any potential purchase of an accountancy practice or book of fees.

The PROFIT equation

Use this to identify the small changes you can make to your practice’s KPIs to see the impact on your firm’s net profitability.

Sample Job Description

Tweak this sample job description and use it for when you want to hire in a part-qualified or trainee accountant.

Growth Self Assessment Tool

Use this self assessment to identify the work you need to do to grow a one million pound practice with over 40% net profitability, while working fewer hours with less stress. This Growth Self Assessment Tool is included in the Accountants Millionaires’ Club book.

Creating your LinkedIn profile

Use this guide to help you create and craft your LinkedIn profile in such a way which attracts the right type of clients and potential staff members to you.

Help to fill out bios

Use this short guide to help you fill in your staff’s bios on your website and also fill in profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Checklist – 10 point LinkedIn

Use this 10-point checklist to check that your LinkedIn profile is set up as well as it can be.