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Business development guides and ebooks

Guides and ebooks to help you grow the size of your practice and win bigger and better clients. Any resources in gold are free for non-members of the club. To download any free resources, click on the button to register for a free account. You will be sent your login details.

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Guide to creating your networking plan

Use this guide and networking plan template to ensure that you get a decent return on your time investment for your networking and relationship building activity.

Creating your firm's marketing plan

Use this guide to help you create a marketing plan to fuel the growth of your firm’s practice

Checklist – 10 point LinkedIn

Use this 10-point checklist to check that your LinkedIn profile is set up as well as it can be.

Creating your LinkedIn profile

Use this guide to help you create and craft your LinkedIn profile in such a way which attracts the right type of clients and potential staff members to you.

Help to fill out bios

Use this short guide to help you fill in your staff’s bios on your website and also fill in profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Guide to Content Planning

Use this guide to help you use content to market your practice and increase your lead to client conversion rate.

Blogging Made Easy

Use this guide to help you start blogging and make your blog a valuable work-winning asset.

Choosing Your Niche Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you decide on the right niches for your practice.


Use this framework to maximise the right kind of referrals into your practice.