You’re here because you’re wondering if you're undercharging your clients…

Hint: Most small accountancy firms are..

Perhaps you’ve realised you are going to have to increase your fees to keep your accountancy practice profitable but are terrified about telling your clients...

Perhaps you constantly lower your prices when you meet a potential client, just to get the business.

One of the first things we work on with our AMC members is the confidence to charge what they are worth and to go ahead with that long-needed fee increase.


Start charging what your firm is worth! Here are some great articles on how to implement a fee increase, how to increase the perceived value of your accountancy firm’s services and how to stop negotiating downwards when you meet a potential client…


how to announce a fee increase to clients

How to announce a fee increase to clients without losing them (the 10 Dos!)

The 10 Dos when announcing a fee increase Thank your clients Before approaching the subject of increasing your fees, always, always say thank you to your clients first. Show them how much you value their business, sincerely express your appreciation for the risk they took on you and how they have been a key factor…
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fee increase letter to clients

How to write a letter to clients announcing a price increase (in 6 steps)

There is no one-size-fits-all solution We’re going to talk about how to write a letter to clients announcing a price increase! Remember that there is no master price increase template that can be sent to every client.  There’s no quick and easy fix that results in a fee increase for you and happy clients. Put…
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a pen on top of a price increase letter to clients

Your price increase letter to clients: 8 essentials that you need to include

How to write a letter to clients announcing a price increase Crafting a letter in just the right way can make a world of difference when it comes to your client deciding to stay with you and accepting your new price. So take your time with this! Your price increase letter to clients needs to…
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cash flow

How can I increase my prices? 8 ideas to help your fee increase go more smoothly

On a webinar with Spotlight Reporting we discussed that increasing your prices is often a good first step to scaling your firm. After all a price increase can increase your cash flow, profitability and available capacity. In this article we consider pricing for accountants and give you tips on how to increase your fees and…
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How to use neuroscience to increase client fees with minimal push back from clients

One of the things that many small firm accountants are trying to do is raise their prices for their existing clients. Whether this is because of long term legacy clients that are low fee, low recovery that you signed when you started or maybe your business plan has changed, your business model has changed and…
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value pricing for CPAs

When value-based pricing works (and doesn’t work) for an accountancy firm

Value pricing for CPAs – what is it and is it the best pricing method for you? This article explores the pros of cons of value-based pricing for accountants and how to make it work for you and your firm.  If you don’t have time to read all of this 2000+ word article now, click…
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Having now been in the club for just over a month; it feels like longer, and having worked so closely alongside Ashley, I strongly doubt that I would have made this amount of progress alone. The amount of resources, assistance and advice has been nothing short of mind-blowing.

Graeme Tennick

Graeme Tennick and Co
Rebecca Foy circle

After a year in the club we grew our accounts team income by £15k per month. We wouldn't have done this without joining the club.

Rebecca Foy

Davis & Co

I have only been a member of The Accountants Millionaires’ Club for about a month, but in that time I have already been helped to increase my fees and sort out my client base which will make us more profitable and also cover my membership fees several times over, and that's in the first month. Working with my coach I have been given the confidence to take action and believe more in what I do.

Kerrie Jenkins

Atek Accountancy

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