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Coronavirus Support For Accountants

If accountants are to survive the downturn in the global economy caused by the Coronavirus lockdowns across the world we need to stick together.

This is why we have put this page together with our best advice and Coronavirus resources for Accountants.

Scroll down for:

  • Free articles to help you and your practice survive the lockdown and recession (no email required)
  • Free webinar recordings to help you and your practice survive the lockdown and recession (no email required)
  • Coronavirus-specific members’ only resources for you to download for free (email required)



Cautionary Tale: How NOT to use LinkedIn to drum up advisory business (and actually what does work)

With many businesses and accountants turning to LinkedIn to generate business during lockdown, this article details how to successfully prospect to find leads and exactly what NOT to do. 

7 things your accountancy firm needs to be doing with its marketing right now to ensure it survives the Coronavirus Crisis

You know you probably need to start, restart or up your firm’s game with its marketing. But given how sensitive many people are right now, there is a high risk of offending people. Read this article for the 7 things you have to do right now with your firm’s marketing to make sure you will survive the crisis and recession. 

The revenue recovery plan for small accountancy firm owners

Read this article if you are looking for a step-by-step plan to follow to increase your firm’s turnover if you believe you are worried how many clients you are going to lose over the next 6 months. This plan will work for any small accountancy firm owner, regardless of how comfortable or competent you are at marketing yourself or your firm.

The ultimate guide to dealing with overwhelm caused by constant client calls due to the Coronavirus Crisis

Deluged by client queries and calls? All of which are urgent? Perhaps you have not enough resource right now to get everything done? Read this article on how to deal with overwhelm and retain your sanity going forward.

5 ways small accountancy firm owners can survive and thrive the tsunami of work brought by COVID-19

If you are not worried about the health of yourself or a loved one at the moment, then you are worried about the health of your firm or your clients’ businesses. Add to this a tsunami of work, and it is easy to see why your stress levels are sky high right now. Read this article for your survival guide to get everything done but also retain your sanity.

Being a member of The Accountants Millionaires’ Club has taken the worry out of the situation

I am so pleased that I joined The Accountants Millionaires’ Club recently.  I've not been a member for long, but already their bespoke material is proving to be worth more than the membership fee when I think of what I have paid in the past for a copywriter.  I used the material that I have access to in The Accountants Millionaires’ Club resource library to send an email update for Covid-19 to my clients and had a phone call early the next morning from a super happy client.  He told me that he went to bed worried about the future, but when he checked his emails first thing, the one that he got from me answered many of his questions and put him in a much more positive frame of mind. 

There is so much happening so quickly at the moment with Covid-19 that to stay on top of it is a full-time job in itself.  Being a member of The Accountants Millionaires’ Club has taken the worry out of this and the extra contact I get with Ashley is really helping me to see positivity in this environment.

Rob Jones



How has the club upped its service to members during the crisis?

Since the beginning of the crisis we have stepped our our support for our members. Both in terms of strengthening the community around them but also stepping in to provide them with content and email communications they could use in their marketing and with their clients.

For example:

  • Until the end of lockdown in the UK we are providing a daily group call for all members to attend (normally 5 – 15 members attend each call) to start the day feeling positive but also share ideas on what is working and get quick answers to specific coronavirus specific queries. Our members are reporting that these calls are vital to get their head in the right place when dealing with anxious clients and staff members.
  • Provided over 40+ Coronavirus specific resources for our members to use in their firm with their clients, such as email updates on the government announcements, tips sheets, materials to run a online surgery session and webinar to help clients preserve their cash flow. This is saving our members a job and allowing them to get on and support their clients, safe in the knowledge that their marketing is still happening.
  • Opening up our fortnightly group accountability calls to all members
  • Moved our quarterly ‘in person’ members’ days to monthly virtual 2-hour workshops where members can network and share ideas with what is working for their practice right now.

This level of support is available for as little as £195 + VAT per month.

What an amazing job, you and the rest of the AMC guys are doing

Worth your weight in gold and you are part of our team in every shape and form and when this time passes we will celebrate together.

Graeme Tennick

Graeme Tennick & Co



How to find the energy & motivation to keep yourself & your team going when you are fraught & exhausted

Listen to this recorded webinar (no email required) on how to keep yourself and your team going during the Coronavirus Crisis. Download here

Using cash focused software to help your clients manage their business in difficult times

Listen to this recorded webinar (no email required) with Chaser and Float for tips, tactics and techniques to get clients to adopt your preferred cashflow focused software and relieve the pressure on your firm having to do everything for them. Download here

help your team work from home

Screencast: How to use Zapier to set up a new client folder in Google shared drive

A tutorial on how to use Zapier and Practice Ignition to automatically set up a new client folder in Google shared driveDownload here

The information AMC is providing...is amazing.

The information AMC is providing in these unprecedented times along with the support is amazing.

This is the difference in businesses surviving or folding which is ultimately going to affect us.

This has given me time to actually advise clients and potential clients on how to practically action this.

Zee Razaq

Certax St Albans


Coronavirus-specific new resources provided to our members

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus Crisis the club has provided over 40 new and Coronavirus specific membership resources. These resources could be available to you for as little as £195 per month.

How much easier would your life be right now if you could rest knowing you had nearly all of your client communications and content sorted?

Scroll down to see what new resources we have provided for members and also download for free some of these resources (email required)

Materials to run a webinar for clients and prospects on preserving cash flow

  • Powerpoint deck for cash flow focused webinar
  • Tips sheet on how to run a webinar
  • Email copy to promote cash flow webinar to clients and prospects
  • Tips sheet to share with clients on how to preserve cash flow (and help promote the webinar)

Scripts to help generate more business

  • Script to use with existing clients to see how they are and understand what extra help the firm could provide for them at this time
  • Script to use to warm up old prospects which have gone cold (and are very likely to be thinking about moving from their existing accountant right now)

Emails to update clients on government announcements

  • Email update about government help (13th April)
  • Email update about how self employed can access help (23rd march)
  • Email update about government help for business owners (27th march)

Help for clients to decode and access the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

  • Furlough advice note (updated 27th March)
  • Furlough form to record notes from furloughing staff (updated 27th March)
  • Board meeting notes proforma to use when furloughing office holders (directors)

White-labelled articles and tools to share with clients and prospects

  • Update to wrongful trading laws (written in plain english)
  • Email/blog post on ‘how to cope with big changes’
  • Email/blog post on ‘how to sort out the pain from sitting too long’
  • Email/blog post on ‘how to run efficient online meetings’
  • Email/blog post on ‘how to pivot your business’
  • Tips sheet on how to delegate to a team based remotely
  • Tips sheet on how to run webinars
  • … and many, many, many more…


Coronavirus-specific free resources

Here is a small sample of the club’s members’ only resources for you to sample now for free (email required)

Email template to ask clients (nicely) to give you some space

Get back in control of your time by using this free email template to ask clients (nicely) to give you and the team more space. Click here to download.

Get back in control of your workflow using the Rhythm Meetings

Download the Rhythm Meeting Agendas to help you run effective daily (or twice daily) operational huddles to keep in control of the workflow wherever your staff are located. Click here to download.

Slash the time (& grunt work) it takes to onboard new clients

Use our best-practice onboarding process to save you and your team hours onboarding new clients, particularly if you have furloughed some of your admin resource. Click here to download.

This template really saved us time when communicating with our smallest clients so we had more time for everyone else

Jessica Pillow

Pillow May

I am grateful that I found you at Accountex and made the decision to join the club

You always ask us each week what we are happy and grateful for each week: -

  1. Happy about the support I get from AMC
  2. Happy about the value I get from the AMC
  3. Proactivity of AMC has gone through the roof when most would be curling up and saying not today
Gareth Burton

Progress UK

Identify where you need to up your game on LinkedIn

Use our LinkedIn Self Assessment to pinpoint exactly what you and your firm need to do on LinkedIn to turn it into an amazing lead generation machine for your firm. Click here to download.

Need to warm up prospects which have gone cold?

With so many business owners considering whether to change accountants right now, now is the time to warm up your prospects who went quiet on you. Use this simple script to find out if they are likely to reconsider their decision and become a client. Click here to download.

Website traffic is massively up for accountants - is your website earning its keep?

Since lockdown our members have seen massive spikes in their website traffic. This means business owners are looking on line for a new accountant. Is your website helping or hindering them to get in touch with you? Use this checklist to identify quick wins to improve the impact of your website. Click here to download.

It is great to see the club stepping up with endless resources, daily zoom calls and email updates to assist us help our amazing clients

Great to see you help us assist our client's ensure they survive, navigate and thrive in one of most economically challenging times in recent history. 

Thank you Ashley, Heather and team.

Shahbaz Hussain


Up the impact of your LinkedIn Profile

Is your LinkedIn Profile letting the side down and costing you and your firm new business enquiries? Use this 10-point checklist to ensure your profile earns its keep. Click here to download.

With everyone stuck at home, content marketing for your practice has never been so important

Our members who are heavily investing in content marketing right now are generating higher levels than normal of new business enquiries. To help replicate their success use our content marketing template to plan your content. Click here to download.