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Tips to get the most out of the club (from our members)


Sadly joining the club on its own is not going to be the magic bullet which will magically help your practice grow. However, if you are willing to take action then joining the club could be the very best thing you do for you and your practice.

We asked our members for tips on how to get the best out of the club. And this is what they said.


  1. Engage with the club. Don't step back and expect it all to come together on it's own. 
  2. Make sure you open up with your coach and the club to truly get value.
  3. Commit, so when you say you're going to do something get it done.
  4. Stop looking for excuses as that might be reason that led you to club in the first place.
  5. Collaborate... this might seem scary given this is your competition. But in the current climate alone the Daily Power-Up calls have been amazing and I genuinely look forward to these every day and learn so much and am always happy to share.
Graeme Tennick

Graeme Tennick & Co

  1. Ask questions. The club members with the answers have been exactly where you are (and will happily share their experiences)
  2. Join yesterday!
  3. You have to put work in to get results. Even if the 'non-fee earning' time is scary.
Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith and Co

  1. Work with your coach and challenge each other.
  2. Implement as soon as possible what you have both agreed.
  3. The daily team operational huddle (part of the Rhythm Team Meetings) works great, even when we made it a daily zoom operational huddle
  4. Work with others in the Club - they will push you and support you to be your best
  5. Embrace change and take that leap of faith with your coach you wont regret it.
  6. Take the leap of faith and join the club - you wouldn't regret it
Paul Donno


  1. Listen to the club's Growth Specialists and the other club members. Then take away the information and ideas that are most pertinent and helpful to you.
  2. Contribute to the group and other members - it is a two way street. Also - what you find super easy - someone else may find difficult (and vice versa).
  3. All members are generous with their advice and support - that is the beauty of this professional network.
  4. Use the resources that the Club has spend time researching and preparing.
Anne Molyneux

Davis and Co

  1. If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right!
  2. Get involved. It’s a great community of friendly people with surprisingly similar experiences/problems to your own, no matter the size of practice... and they are great at supporting you through social media and face to face on ‘accountability calls’.
  3. Use the resources from the library - a lot of hard work has gone into producing these to support your practice’s communication and evolution, both by Heather, Ashley and club members.
Chris Gascoyne


  1. Commit to the long term plan and accept that in the short term you will need to invest both in time and money
  2. Be active in the club, the more you put in the more you get out.
  3. See other members as partners not competitors. We are all a bit different there is room enough for all of us.
Lorna Leonard

Owner, Leonard Business Services

  1. Go on the group calls, the community is great and the support is second to none. There is a team spirit amongst members on the calls.
  2. Use the resource library. The club really knows their stuff. So why try to re-invent the wheel when you have such great material at hand
  3. Make the time to implement the plans and processes that you talk through on 1-2-1s with your Growth Specialist. They are tried and tested and make a lot of sense!
Kerrie Jenkins

Atek Accounting

  1. Spare the time to implement changes
  2. Listen and challenge your own thinking
  3. Do one thing at a time and don't overwhelm yourself
Naveed Mughal