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The small firm accountant’s guide to winning bigger and better clients

by Feb 17, 2018Winning new business

This week I was talking with a client who had arrived back from her week away from the office stressed. (She has given me full permission to blog about her experience.) Her stress levels came from not quite managing to recharge while she was away because she kept on having to deal with stuff that her staff kept asking her about. This blog post explores how this can be a problem for many small accountancy owners and how YOU, rather than your team, are often the problem and the solution.

Why great client service is no longer good enough to generate word-of-mouth referrals

Read any blog or book on client service or account management and you will hear about the importance of great client service. The books will tell you that great client service is the only way to generate word of mouth recommendations from your clients, etc etc etc. This blog post explores what is extraordinary client service and how to routinely deliver it in your firm. Read more

Guide to meeting an introducer for the first time: What you need to say and do to generate referrals

You are meeting a potential introducer for the first time. This article looks at what to expect from this first meeting and how to make sure it goes well, in order to generate a steady stream of future referrals from the introducer. Read more

5 types of referral friction you need to overcome if you want a reliable stream of referrals from your introducers

One of the best routes to market for a growing small accountancy firm is via referrals from introducers. In fact just a small handful of well-placed introducers can help your firm generate all the new leads your firm needs to hit its growth targets. However, in order to get this reliable stream of referrals you need to overcome 5 types of referral friction. This article explains how to overcome that friction. Read more

How to market a webinar so your clients and prospects actually turn up

Providing content rich webinars to your potential (and actual) clients is a great way of marketing your accountancy firm, especially for advisory services. It’s easier than you might think, and with more people used to webinars it is effective too. Read more

Getting clients – 11 quick tips to get more.

It’s so annoying, you’re working hard, have a better offer than your local competitors – but you’re STILL not getting clients (well not enough to make the effort worthwhile). Now let’s be more precise, you’re actually working flat out, you’ve almost (but not quite) forgotten why you started your accountancy firm in the first place, but getting clients isn’t happening properly.

Here are 11 quick tips to help you get more high fee paying clients. Read more

Need to get better at converting leads? Here is why it is not about your selling ability

How many accountants (and other professionals!) have you heard say “if only we were better at converting leads that come our way”? Maybe you’ve said it yourself, maybe you hear it when networking with your peers. Actually I suspect that pretty much every accountant AND professional advisor can relate to this. From a personal point of view, there is nothing more galling that not converting a hot prospect. This article actually explores why sales professionals have got it all wrong over the years. Your ability to convert leads is less to do with your sales skills and everything to do with your marketing skills. Read more

How to use extraordinary client service to generate client referrals

Many small accountancy firms rely on client referrals as their primary means of acquiring new clients. One of the ways to maximise your client referrals is to deliver extraordinary client service. Extraordinary client service isn’t just good service, it’s the type of service which will get your clients talking about how good you are. In this blog post I explore what drives extraordinary client service. Read more

Buying behaviour for accountancy services has changed. Have you kept up?

The way people buy accountancy services has changed, and continues to evolve. Be honest, you know buyer behaviour has changed; but has your behaviour changed? Do your marketing priorities reflect changes in the way your prospects look for and buy your services, or do you (especially when needing to top up the pipeline) reach out for the tried and tested methods of business development? Read more