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From coffee meetings to LinkedIN, running your own webinar, getting referrals, networking online and in person. Marketing and business development can’t be neglected if you’re serious about growing your accountancy practice.

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Cautionary Tale: How NOT to use LinkedIn to drum up advisory business (and actually what does work)

LinkedIn Tips For Accountants: Why it is needed This week I received a car crash of a message on LinkedIn. In fact it landed so badly, my instant reaction was who was this guy, and where was the delete and disconnect button. In my scramble to disconnect I looked at his profile. Oh. This was…
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How to market your accountancy firm in uncertain times

7 things your accountancy firm needs to be doing with its marketing right now to ensure it survives the Coronavirus Crisis

This week I received the an email newsletter from an accountancy firm I had never heard, using the panalitix platform and I suspect pretty generic content. You guessed it, the delete, block and report spam buttons were deployed in swift succession. But the question is, how do you appropriately market your accountancy firm in this…
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To niche or not to niche as a start-up accountancy firm?

Don’t be all things to no-one I read an article on AccountingWeb in which the number one advice for new startup accountancy firms was “don’t niche.” I was flabbergasted. The reasoning was that survival is your main priority in the early days, so blast your social media and your networking and take on everything that…
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job interview

The ultimate guide to creating your firm’s client personas

  What goes into your client personas? A client persona represents a significant section of your target audience. The client personas (or buyer persona or marketing personas) you create will have answers to most of the following, and perhaps one or two other things that you find useful in your marketing. Name – what will…
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keeping in touch

27 ways to keep in touch with prospects without it feeling as if you are stalking them

27 ways to keep in touch So, how do you make this happen? This is where your keeping in touch processes earn their keep. To help you think about different keeping in touch processes which you can easily implement, here are 27 ideas: Use a spreadsheet to help you keep in touch with your prospects,…
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